Elli, Queensland


Name: Elli

cancer:  Breast cancer

Date Diagnosed:  2018

Location: Queensland 

My story is as follows. 

I had Breast cancer 10 yrs ago.  My mother had died from Breast cancer.  I asked my surgeon for testing and he said I didn’t qualify.  My mother was Latvian and didn’t know any of her family history.  So after having numerous pelvic ultrasounds which were always okay, I developed a prolapse.  I requested a hysterectomy to be done when they did the prolapse repair surgery.  The doctor was a bit hesitant, but not knowing any family history I insisted. 

So, on my birthday I got the news that I had cancer ☹️.  That meant another operation.  Both my omentum and spleen were removed.  They found it in my peritoneum and a spot on my bladder,

I then received Genetic testing  and was found to be BRAC1 positive.  I have 3 daughters and only 1 proved positive.

So nine months on and my bloods are good.

Sorry for the long story, but the moral of the story is listen to your gut instinct. 

Breast Cancer Network Australia

 If you would like more information on Breast cancer