Linda, Queensland

Name: Linda 

cancer: Breast Cancer & Pancreatic Cancer

Date Diagnosed: 2002 & 2018

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

In 2002, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy. Forward to February 2018 and I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer,  not good.  I had a long surgery to remove my pancreas and spleen.  The cancer in my pancreas was removed and margins clear. 

Unfortunately it had spread to my lymph nodes. Prognosis is not good, Maybe 2 year survival but i am a fighter, a WARRIOR.  

At the moment my recent scan shows no recurrent or residual cancer so that is great.  I am healthy, eating well, taking CBD oil every night. The fight goes on. I am a cancer Warrior and will support others through there fight. 

Love Linda

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