Say Thank You

 There will never be enough words to say "thank you" to the devoted carers that support cancer Warriors.  Here, you can say thank you to family, friends, medical staff or anyone who has helped to make your Warrior Life a little easier. 

Margaret would like to say thank you to...


My best friend, Annette

Annette slept at the hospital with me when I was having my treatment.  I am so grateful that she was there with me. 

Natasha would like to say thank you to...


To my Mum and Aunty

 Thank you to my Mum and Aunty for all your love and support.  I am so grateful. 

Annette would like to say thank you to...


I am a Fighter and will be forever grateful to my amazingly wonderful Supporters


My loving and determined wife Jen Son.   My amazing mum, Bev Sebbens-Laudani, who travels more than 3 hours to get to our place, west of Brisbane, to then drive back to Brisbane for my appointments, when my darling wife can’t be with me. My Big Sis (Aunty), Julie Guerra, who has flown up from Melbourne a number of times to help us when needed.  

These 3 women are part of my circle of special people who ask for nothing but give everything and so much more without even realising.  They are my source of strength.  There are a number of others I have not named but they are no less worthy.   

Thank you for your support,

Ant Zobel


Julie would like to say thank you to...


My Haemotology Doctor, Dr. Cameron Curley


I will never be able to thank my doctor, Cameron Curley enough.  If it was not for his "good doctoring" I would not be here.  An extra test by Dr. Curley found a cyst which, nine months later, i found out was cancer.  Stage 4 cancer!  Dr. Curley truly saved my life by ordering that test.  

So, Dr. Curley, if you ever read this, know that I am truly thankful, grateful and blessed that you were my doctor. 

Julie Blackley

Julie would like to say thank you to...


A Mothers Love Never Falters


To my biggest supporter,  It cannot be easy to watch your child (even an adult child) fight for their life. You were by my side every step of the journey. You cried with me. You put up with my moods.  You hugged me when i needed it.  I know you felt every bit of worry and pain with me but never did you show it. I cannot thank you, or tell you in words, how much i appreciate and am grateful for everything you did. Love you always Mum and THANKYOU! (Julie)

Julie would like to say thank you to...


Thank you to my sister, Karen

 My advocate.  My co-fighter.  My strength.  When i was too mentally drained or emotionally exhausted, my sister Karen took over.  She listened, explained and helped me to make choices that i didn't want to make.  She took away my stress and took on the responsibility of sorting through all of the information that was  given to me throughout treatment.  I really want her to know how grateful I am. She made my life easier and I knew she was always thinking of what was best for me.  Thank you for everything xo 

Julie would like to say thank you to...


The Universe

 Obviously, the universe hasn't finished with me yet because it has let me stay.   

Do you have someone you would like to say Thank You too?

Words will never be enough to say Thank You to the many supporters when you are fighting cancer.  Send cancer Warrior Australia your Thank You messages and we will publish them here.  Include a photo if you wish.